29 February 2012

Letter from Lhasa, number 266. State/Government-organized Stalking

Letter from Lhasa, number 266. State/Government-organized Stalking   
by Roberto Abraham Scaruffi

What is currently called gang-stalking is actually State/Government-organized Stalking and is triggered and managed by Secret Police officers at institutional orders.

Independent gang-stalking is very rare and technically nearly impossible. It could not cover all the aspects of the targets’ life. In addition, independent stalking can be easily repressed form police services.

State/Government-organized Stalking is a form of internal State Terrorism. It is pseudo-consensus founded on State internal-Terrorism. It is State Terrorism for the total annihilation of society. It is current practice in modern and contemporary States.   

More than a technique of social control, what is not, State/Government-organized Stalking is a form of society destruction and of permanent State/government terrorism against everybody. For this kind of dirty jobs, Secret Police officers have institutional mandates. Presidents, Queens and Kings, governments and parliaments sign implementation orders for each State/Government-organized Stalking operation, for each persecution against independent subjects, and provide total cover for these insane and criminal State activities they order.

Each State/Government-organized Stalking operation is explicitly authorized by the signatures of Presidents, Queens/Kings, Heads of Governments, Ministers and Parliamentary Committees under secret formal acts. Without all the due institutional signatures, no Secret Police officer would dare to implement any State/Government-organized Stalking operation. These acts are covered by the State Secret. From a legal point of view, there are laws and regulations making possible and covering these State/government criminal and insane activities.

Comprador States/governments have the additional constraint (external constraints) of secret international treaties about State terrorism and State/Government-organized Stalking. Consequently, nobody is authorized to even talk about them.

The British and the U.S. terrorist systems, of which State/Government-organized Stalking is a part, cover nearly the whole world and even not formally allied areas as the Chinas and the Russias are subordinated to these two main and hegemonic terrorist systems. For persecuting people, and even without any rational reason, nearly all the States of the world are happily and promptly cooperating.

State/Government-organized Stalking is composed of white torture and social lynching (with annexed various collateral forms of mobbing). It invests all the aspects of the target’s life: living places, working places, educational places, associational and social life. Generally, also the Interpol files are falsified from Secret Police corps so that the target can be followed and promptly persecuted even abroad. That happens both inside and outside the NATO area. Even not-allied and enemies States/governments become ‘friends’ for State/Government-organized Stalking

The British and U.S. Empires have secret pacts for State/Government-organized Stalking also outside the areas of their formal/official influence. For instance, they can follow a target even in China (PRC, not only the RoC) with great cooperation from Chinese Secret Police corps against their targets. Evidently, in their turn, they help Chinese Secret Police corps when they ask for ‘NATO’ help against their own targets.

In the very early September 2002, the SIS-CIA have provided the Chinese Secret Police of devices for watching through walls. The Chinese have used them against Italian and NATO targets and they have started to train both Chinese Secret Police offices and militians (irregulars, louses) to the use of them for white torture, specifically for apartment/edifice white torture (by the now http://www.swnu.edu.cn/ , Chongqing). Now, these then NATO secret military devices are currently produced and used for internal State Terrorism in the PRC.    

Apartment/building State/Government-organized Stalking is a combination of white torture and social lynching. The bordering neighbours of the target are mobilized for the white torture of the target. External militians are sent for helping or replacing them. The main sites of apartment/building State/Government-organized Stalking, in practice all the bordering apartments or spaces (besides, above and below), are covered by individuals and teams covering the target’s apartment 24 hours a day. Since Secret Police officers have not infinite means, the target may be let occasionally uncovered for some alternated hours, although the apartment/building State/Government-organized Stalking formally require the target be constantly bombarded with targeted noises and it feel constantly tailed when inside its apartment or room.       

Although organized and led from Secret Police officers, the implementation on the ground is delegated to irregular militians (insane louses) under tight Secret Police control and with the duty of daily reports. Militians are louses occasionally recruited on the gang-stalking sites. Eventually, they are reused on other apartment/building State/Government-organized Stalking sites. In fact, on the gang-stalking sites, there always is an insufficient availability of louses. However, there are not stable corps of irregulars for these insanities and crimes. Generally, they are not paid. It a kind of voluntary work for committing State/government ordered and protected insanities and crimes. Eventually, these louses have other benefits or an apparent absence of disadvantages. They are louses of whatever social group and educational level, from illiterate louses to PhDs.  

The first victims of State/Government-organized Stalking operations are the louses used for white torture and other insanities and crimes, and the Secret Police officers leading them. They are psychopathic criminals with instable mood, oscillating between high exaltation and deep depression. They are provided with drugs, what worsens their syndromes. They need to be frequently replaced because rapidly exhausted and psychoticized. They require to be frequently brainwashed for remotivating them.

Equilibrated, or at least prudent or wise, people generally malinger and leave the gang-stalking site. That is not always possible. Moral people simply would say “no”. Moral people are very rare.

In parallel with apartment gang-staling, the social lynching (with annexed various forms of mobbing) against the target covers living places, working places, educational places, associational and social life. Secret Police officers directly contact employers and educational places directors, as well as parents, relatives, acquaintances and friends of the target, vaguely telling them that there is some mysterious and untellable investigation against the target, that the target is suspect of something may not be told, that mobbing, white lynching and white torture must be organized against the target for inducing him/her to go away, that it is absolutely prohibited to give the target any chance, advancement, benefit, formal educational degree, because “the State/government does not want”.

Secret Police officers, acting as rough but irresistible pimps, use a mix of indirect slandering against the target and of subtle threats against employers and educational places directors, as well as parent, relatives, acquaintances and friends of the target, if they will not do what they ‘suggest’ them. These rumours are spread also by living places and by associations, political parties, community places the target may eventually frequent. According to circumstances, mobbing is organized, from Secret Police offices, even in these places.

In the key nodes of State/Government-organized Stalking operations, slanderous rumours are directly triggered from Secret Police officers. On the ground they are spread from operational louses, from other militians and even manipulating and using, when possible, hateful parents, relatives, acquaintances.   

Occasionally, white torture (targeted hitting of walls and floors) may be organized in educational institutions or other places the target frequents daily and at precise times, if and when there are not witnesses. White torture is avoided if potential witnesses are present. The target is targeted only if other people cannot hear anything. For white torture, small military devices for watching through walls are use. They localize the target. They can discriminate between the target and other people. They detect whether the target has opened or closed eyes. In fact, the louses for the white torture are provided with precise instructions about what to do when the target be awake and when he/she be apparently sleeping. The targeted noises are different.

The Secret Police officers use gang-stalking NATO operational manuals written from psychopathic criminal academicians cooperating with State terrorism. What should work from the paranoid point of view of academicians, Secret Police officers and louses on the ground frequently does not work against targets if they are not paranoid. It works, on the contrary, against these same inept and psychopathic criminal pseudo-hunters, which so are, at the same time, butchers and victims of themselves.

Gang-staling NATO operational manuals provide some rough suggestion for starting the apartment/palace white torture. However, since the numerous failures in this kind of operations, they have been rectified ordering to the louses on the ground to start with some rough wall and floor hitting and door violent slamming, et similia, while detecting what apparently strike/hurt the target and so adapting the white torture to the target’s maximum damage. That generally translates in the louses’ maximum damage, when they have to deal with aware targets.

The louses of the ground are firstly deceived, from their leading Secret Police officers, with the generally false belief of a rapid annihilation of the target. Just that does not happen, the louses are plunged into hyper delusional states.  

Since Secret Police officers complained about the vagueness and improbability of gang-staling NATO operational manuals written from academicians, these psychopathic criminal academicians retaliated introducing a new complication in these gang-staling manuals. NATO sadist academic contractors, claiming the invented authority of inexistent researches, have written that the target must be convinced that everything be normal and that he/she be imagining everything. Consequently, the Secret Police officers try to recruit embarrassed psychopaths approaching the target for telling him/her that he/she be imagining to be targeted.

So, Secret Police officers and their louses have now to send their targets other psychopathic criminals who, awkward and embarrassed, try to talk with the target for telling him/her that the targeted hammering of walls and floors, and the targeted repeatedly slamming of doors for thousand times during day and night etc be normal, that targeted mobbing be normal, that not providing degrees after successfully terminated academic programs be normal, and that the target must convince him/herself that he/she be inventing everything.

In parallel, a relevant deception program has been implemented on the media, specifically on the Internet, where now the large majority of materials about State/Government-organized Stalking and other State terrorism is produced from State/government and para-State/government entities and spread from para-State/government websites. Improbable and impossible conspiracies have been created about State/Government-organized Stalking and other State terrorism for blaming everybody else but not States/governments. All that is just State/government deception for hiding the reality of State/Government-organized Stalking.

For instance, this is a para- and pro-State/government definition of gang-stalking, whose only goal is to confuse targets, to remove the reality that only States/ government can organize, implement and cover gang-stalking operations, and for discrediting targets who believe, report and spread such nonsense:
“Organized Gang Stalking, also known as Gang Stalking, Cause Stalking, Organized Vigilante Stalking, Stalking by Proxy, Community-Based Harassment, and Covert War, are essentially harassment and discrediting campaigns waged against a targeted individual. Citizens, are recruited or coerced to participate, often from extremist groups and cults, but also from among employees. Coordinated psychological warfare attacks, consisting of Harassments, Organized Stalkings, Noise Campaigns, Sensitizing Operations and the spreading of lies slander and rumors, are executed in an effort to virtually neutralize and destroy the victim. "Mainstream USA believes that if Organized Gang Stalking hasn't happened to them then it is not happening to anyone else. Or if someone is 'Organized Gang Stalked' they must be a horrible person who has committed horrible acts and that they deserve it, thus creating more 'Organized Gang Stalkers'."” 

This is a perfect deception for conditioning conditionable targets and spreading the theory of mysterious entities targeting them. There are not mysteries. There are not independent “extremist groups and cults”. There are only States/government and their Secret Police corps and officers, with NATO active assistance and cover, and even with worldwide active assistance and cover, since States/governments reciprocally cooperates in their insanities and crimes.

In addition to too professional websites, there are super-professional video, for an even dirtier job: to convince conditional target, and also not real targets, that the most casual and unlikely organized events are ‘gang-stalking’. It is an operation for inducing destructive self-suggestion so that one imagine that everything be a targeted aggression. If everything is stalking, there is no State/Government-organized Stalking.

For instance,
 is a commercial media network, formally based in France and Belgium, area where an independent network diffusing real information about State/Government-organized Stalking and State terrorism would be rapidly led to bankruptcy. It is not the profile of a structure working for spreading real information, while there are all the characteristics of the opposite.                    

There is a lot of these sites, also in Canada and USA, whose only goal is, if one analyses their material, to spread the theory of mysterious entities and to diffuse apparently scientific information, actually for producing and increasing psychosis in predisposed people. The final goal is to discredit real targets and to worsen the conditions of real target in precarious psychological conditions. Not only. Also other people, not targets of anything, or targets of different operations, convince themselves that whatever posture of other people has the only function of targeting them. Since these are easily provable as personal phobias, all that discredits the mass of real targets, in addition to spreading deceptions. Ordinary people believe to whatever professional video as the revealed truth instead of questioning about who produced it, and who paid and why, and for spreading what real contents. They are paid with the State/government-NATO funds for State terrorism & State/Government-organized Stalking. Actually, they are gaslighting, real gaslighting.  

Street gaslighting and theatre, deceptively presented as immanent, simply would be too complex and would require an excess of energies from Secret Police corps managing State/Government-organized Stalking operations. Gang-stalking Secret Police officers do not have infinite funds. They do not want to be directly involved on the field. They nearly always use interfaces. They dislike street operations. They do not have tens or hundreds of people for street operations. On the contrary it is very convenient to spread deceptions, under the form of persuasive professional videos, or good sounding texts, suggestible people report and spread as real science and truths.

There is a sure technique for sounding agreeable to naïve people: it is sufficient to satisfy people’s paranoias. Never contradict them and tell them what they would like to listen. If they strongly dislike a colour, a number, a posture, public works’ noise, coughing people, etc etc, just tell them that a mysterious sect is targeting them! That is what currently done from the Secret Police corps, and their co-operators and contractors, involved in organizing, managing and exploiting State/Government-organized Stalking: crating a deceptive ‘gang-stalking’ sub-culture.        

It is a mystification, absolute deception, to write: “Under Occupational Health and Safety laws, individuals are being flagged and placed on community notification lists.” That has the function to deceive that Secret Police officers actually contacts all the milieus frequented from the targeted, ask for active cooperation for destroying the target’s life and organize the target’s annihilation. 

Such definition, although complete, hides and deceives what “flagging” be:
“Gang Stalking is a systemic form of control, which seeks to destroy every aspect of a Targeted Individuals life. Once a target is flagged a notification is sent out to the community at large, and the target is followed around 24/7 by the various communities that they are in.
“The community notifications will go out to various places. Apartment rentals, future employers, stores and communities where the target visits, will be notified. Doctors offices, fire departments, police, etc. A covert investigation might also be opened, and electronic, means used by the civilian spies/snitches as part of the overt and covert monitoring and surveillance process.
“Individuals can be flagged designating them as having a history of aggressive or inappropriate behavior. This notification system will follow the target if they move, change jobs, visit other areas. It let’s the community believe that the target is a person who needs to be watched or monitored.”

“Flagging” simply is at least a Secret Police officer, acting on the basis of a government secret decree against the target, asking for active (even worldwide) cooperation for destroying the target’s life and organizing the target’s annihilation: “...We need your help... He/she must not work, study, live... He/she must be pushed to... We cannot explain... You must not obstruct our action... ...We can destroy you too...”

An additional mystification is to present State/Government-organized Stalking as a “Soviet/Stasi-style” community, spontaneous, crime now happening even in the ‘free world’. State/Government-organized Stalking always happened in the ‘free world’ and Soviet/Stasi- or Nazi-style persecutions were only legalistic forms of this traditional ‘liberal world’ State crime, ‘liberal’ State social terrorism against its own subjects.

There is a lot of deceptive rubbish about “why do people participate in State/Government-organized Stalking?” There is no real reason apart from the ‘normal’ subordination to power and the propensity of the average louse to commit crimes and insanities behind the shield of State/government impunity and secrecy.

Secret Police officers allow people to not cooperate with them while they not allow people to interfere with State/Government-organized Stalking. In practice, invited-to-attend-subjects cannot refuse cooperation although one can leave the field free. Actually, many invited-to-attend-people cannot leave the field free and, so, they must cooperate with Secret Police insanities and crimes.

Simply, “a perp’s psychology” does not exist. It is just State/government-organized deception. The same institutions’, Statesmen/women’s and Secret Police officers’, propensity to commit insanities and crimes derives from their unaccountability. The State Secret creates unaccountability. For deceiving about that, they try inventing “perps’ psychologies”.

The large majority of militians are actually made sicker and killed from the same State/Government-organized Stalking machine they are part of. Some ephemeral omnipotence feeling precedes their real participation in the State/Government-organized Stalking machine. Just their dirty jobs start, they are plunged into depression and impotence feelings, anxieties from failures, and they need to be narcotized, what does not avoid their breakdowns and other illnesses. They are casually and ad hoc recruited in whatever social environment, of whatever educational level, and affected from whatever pathology and submitted to whatever psycho treatment. There is no louses/militians’ typology.      

The same Secret Police officers are generally fearful, depressed and impotent clerks, with maniacal and criminal personalities, not even fully understanding what they are doing, and discharged and assassinated from power just there is some accident or risk of publicity. ...Ordinary louses...

A psychopathology of Statesmen/women using Secret Police corps for insanities and crimes depressing economy and society would be dominated by the categories of borderline and protected omnipotence deliria. The massive philosophizing and psychologising about “perps’ psychology” is just State/Government-organized deception about State/Government-organized Stalking.

Of course, this deceptive literature tries to confuse also about “How are targets chosen?” ...Only deceptive rubbish is produced about that. It would be really arduous to imagine that insane criminal Statesmen/women, and their Secret Police officers and academicians (as well as their trade-union, political parties, societies etc militians) could rationally select targets for State/Government-organized Stalking operations are absolutely irrational and totally without any finally constructive reason. They cannot. Target are casually selected from maniacal-criminal and corrupted institutions, and their louses, obviously simulating scientific selection processes that actually there are not.

On the contrary, this deceptive literature tries to invent some rationality, some justification. No, there is no justification or guiltiness about having been selected as a target. No target is selected for some real reason. State/Government casually select targets for trying producing additional subjects for mafias and terrorisms they manage.

Actually, they frequently fail. Finally, for big State terrorist operations, from the 11/9 (or 9/11) to the 7/7, Secret Police corps have to directly act without any ‘external’ terrorist interface. Later, they invent this interface, by propaganda: nobody knows the BinLaden interview that he had no role in the 11/9 (or 9/11) while everybody ‘knows’ that he was assassinated as revenge for his [inexistent] role in it. Even narcotic trafficking is finally largely directly managed by States/governments and their military & police international transportation services.

Billion dollars, pound and euros spent for creating State/Government-managed mafias and terrorisms are not sufficient for hiding the State/Government role in them. These State/government clandestine operations are everyday more public, ...for those are not totally brainwashed. Despite States/Governments spend billion dollars, pound and euros for creating State/Government-managed mafias and terrorisms, States/Governments are largely obliged to directly act, without any interface for trying hiding themselves and their insane criminal activities.