17 October 2009

Letter from Lhasa, number 145. (Twyman 2009): The Kabbalah Code

Letter from Lhasa, number 145. (Twyman 2009): The Kabbalah Code

by Roberto Abraham Scaruffi

Twyman, J. F., with P. Gruber, The Kabbalah Code. A True Adventure, Hay House, 2009.

(Twyman 2009).

James F. Twyman,

Philip Gruber

This book has all the ingredients of the successful story. A “spiritual trip”, religious tourism, but in epoch of airplanes. A code to be discovered and finally discovered. Rapid movements among different places. Each move produces events. Meaningful symbolisms. Etc.

It is actually the last point, not “etc.”, “symbolism”, to be probably an insuperable weakness. Are places and building to be situated in places and built in a way to catalyse and transmit energy, or it is the same fact of attributing some strong meaning and power to places and buildings to suggest and produce perceptions, visions?

If there is only one G-d, places are irrelevant. It is everywhere. “Energy” is everywhere. Apart from self suggestion, naturally. If places and buildings produce self-suggestions... If you “liberate”, in some way, your energy, you do not need specific places. YOU need to be different, probably.

The discovered code is between pseudo-Judaism and pseudo-Christianity, with the finally finding of a wife for G-d. In fact Mary is defined as “the Mother of the Universe” (Twyman 2009, p. 208). Actually, the central advice (the discovered code?!) is typically Americanish: YOU have a role to play! They could remain home. Anyway, in this way, everything is spiced with “religious” exotericism.

There are also “secrets” about Christianity. Mary Magdalene. Whatever the reasons and, eventually the goals, from an ideological point of view Christianity is a Jewish creation. The Gospels are Jewish. The first organisers of “Christianity” are Jewish. When the tales on Jesus were written, he was obviously represented with a wife or partner. Celibatic priests are a later invention. Since Judaism lived and is living in various ways inside Christian churches and congregation, obviously there was and there is time to time and place to place the pleasure to preserve the “rumour” of Jesus with a wife (or, eventually, more wives). The “secret” eventually to be unveiled was and is eventually what is under the nose of whoever wants to see it: the origins of the intellectual construction became “Christianity”. Gospels and other writing have been Jewish ways for ridiculing the political, and also the religious, role of rabbis, their collaborationism with Romans, the damages they procured to the whole Jewish people. The authors of (Twyman 2009) just play around the “secret”, the rumour, of Mary Magdalene, the partner, or one of the partners, of Jesus, Jesus of the tales written from Jews after the destruction of the second Temple in Jerusalem.

The book is also built around the magic power of certain words and expressions. Judaism is more radical. All words are “magic”. “Powers” are in respiration and in concentration. Also is something else.

...“religious” conspiracy literature...

Kabbalah is something indefinable. Receiving. It is the receiving of the knowledge and of the powers one is looking for and one becomes ready to receive. It is a lot of combined things. And also more. Jewish dialectics can drive in a multiplicity of directions and environments.

Has it a code? If the authors of (Twyman 2009) have really found it, ...congratulations! The book is anyway a pleasant reading.

Twyman, J. F., with P. Gruber, The Kabbalah Code. A True Adventure, Hay House, 2009.