02 March 2012

Letter from Lhasa, number 267. State/government-organized stalking: Webster and the Invisible III Degree

Letter from Lhasa, number 267. State/government-organized stalking: Webster and the Invisible III Degree
by Roberto Abraham Scaruffi

Webster, R. B., Evidence for the Existence of an Invisible Third Degree, 2010.
(Webster 2010).
Robin B. Webster

This text is a precious direct testimony from a target of State/government-organized stalking target. The academic-style structure of the work make is a formally superb presentation on the subject. What is lacking, in various aspects, is the real structure, not the formal one, of the State/government-organized stalking case what makes anyway more valuable the testimony although defective, and exactly because defective, in various substantial aspects about the representation of what State/government-organized stalking be.

Precious as direct testimony, and also valuable scientific testing about its most contestable aspect, the use of airplanes for harassing the target (what if really used again that specific target would be an exception, being too complicated its use against a great number or the large majority of State/government-organized stalking targets), the main structural defect of this text is the effort to present State/government-organized stalking as founded on III degree interrogation techniques.

The following comments, not destructive critiques, do not undermine the essence of the work and not even great part of what in it related. On the contrary, what related from the author is absolutely consistent with the procedures and routines of State/government-organized stalking, what makes the testimony realistic.       

The mechanics of the State/government-organized stalking makes the target a victim unable to understand what really be happening to him or her. The way of rationalization is complex and nearly impossible for the last majority of the targets. The author catches key aspects of the State/government-organized stalking against him, although, in my opinion, not mastering the whole structure of it. I repeat that that makes his testimony even more valuable, precisely because insufficiently structured since the not full catching of the State/government-organized stalking ‘subject’. It is insufficiently structured as substance, while the formal structure of the text is excellent.

The title reflects the attempt to imagine that State/government-organized stalking be simply an extension, an extreme extension, of III degree [extreme] interrogatory techniques, of which sleep deprivation is a key aspect for Webster. ...Nothing to do with that! Polices procedure for ruining those believed guilty, or simply for solving cases eventually protecting those who are really guilty, are forms of bureaucratic inaptitude, and corruption and perversion, with no connection with State/government-organized stalking. There are only formal similarities. 

State/government-organized stalking has the goal to produce behaviours and of eventually destroying the targets when the wished behaviours are not got and bureaucratic procedures cannot admit failure in this field. It is even worse, alias more urgent to destroy the target, if it becomes even only partially aware of being object of a secret police clandestine operation and he/she implements strategies of resistance and resilience.

State/government-organized stalking operations are Secret Police operations for producing political and common organized criminality to be used from Secret Police corps alias from States/governments. All police, military and other bureaucratic corps have Secret Police departments and officers for such State/government clandestine operations. They are used for State/government crimes. Not to confuse that with personal corruption of bureaucrats (civil and military ‘servants’). There is no connection. Many bureaucrats are personally corrupted, but this is something different, it is institutional corruption.

The title and part of the structure of the Webster work suggest, de facto deceiving (evidently since misunderstanding), that State/government-organized stalking operations be some natural extension of extreme interrogation techniques. Actually, they have nothing to do with that. They always existed and are radically different from other police, military, bureaucratic operations.  

If extreme interrogatory techniques have always existed for solving cases, eventually charging innocent people, State/government-organized stalking is a kind of philosophy of State perpetuation, actually of a perverted State. If State/government creates and manages terrorisms and organized criminality, it makes it more and more indispensable, according to the perverse philosophy is the background of the State/government-organized stalking implementation.  

State/government-organized stalking operations are deployed under strict government (both real and formal government) orders and control, with parliament cover and under a legal frame permitting government to implement illegal-criminal and maniacal operation without being legally accountable relatively to the formal legal frame.

All the States/governments of the world have law and regulations permitting the creation of secret police departments inside police, military and other bureaucratic apparatuses. These Secret Police structures are really created. Secret Police officers are allowed to commit insanities and crimes. At the same time, they have the power to give orders to the judiciary, and to other police, military and bureaucratic apparatuses. So, they have, the power to involve other police, military and bureaucratic apparatuses in their insanities and crime, and to block or to deviate-pollute whatever investigation overall about their same insanities and crimes.

These Secret Police corps or departments are under institutional orders and control. The U.S. government, for ordering a massacre as the 09/11 [or 11/09] one (idem all the other ones!), used these powers. Idem the British government for its 7/7, and so on. A Secret Police officer, with the power to give orders to other police, military and bureaucratic apparatuses, and to the same judiciary, can easily manage a very complex operation as the 09/11 [or 11/09] one.

All the other terrorism, wherever in the world, is managed from States/governments by Secret Police officers. These bureaucratic powers and the State Secret assure the absolute unaccountability relatively to the current legal frame. Specifically, the State Secret is what permits to deceive the subjects telling them and making them to believe the most unbelievable tales and lies.

In such a way, States/governments can order and implement whatever crime. If necessary, by other insanities and crimes they can cover previous insanities and crimes. It is what they currently do. Not only about terrorism. From drug trafficking to organized criminality, it is everything created and managed from States/governments by their Secret Police officers. Cooperation with universities, for creating frequently abstruse procedures and routines for implementing State/government crimes, deresponsabilize the same Secret Police officers who frequently do not well understand what they are ordered to do. Institutions (Presidents, Queens, Ministers, Parliamentary Special Commissions) know the whole story. Executors are frequently at the level of well fed and well protected small and dull criminals, crime’s bureaucrats.  

 Webster tries to find a reason why he has been and is persecuted. This is another wrong proceeding, a methodological error. There is no subjective sin justifying State/government-organized stalking. States/governments in State/government-organized stalking are the mads and the criminals. There are not ‘guilty’ or ‘sinful’ people justifying State/government-organized stalking. State/government-organized stalking has the purpose to produce criminals for State/government-organized and -managed terrorism and organized criminality.

Since Statesmen/women, Secret Police officers and academicians ordering and implementing such operations see insane criminals using other insane criminals as militians on the field. Secret Police officers always use interfaces; they do not act directly against the target. They follow improbable pseudo-sociological theories according to which if they invent a personality for a target, this target will conform to this externally created personality.

The State/government-organized stalking apparatuses, for deresponsibilization, as well for recruiting agitprops on their payroll, largely fund academicians. Academicians have created ‘scientific’ procedures also for selecting lists of targets to submit for approval to the institutions order such operations. Actually, there are too many variables for selecting targets, people should be pushed to be manipulated for State/government managed terrorism and criminality, that no ‘scientific procedure’ can be such. No scientific selection is actually possible. Finally, mechanisms of formal deresponsibilization mask only the casualness of the selection processes combined with institutional and environmental corruption, ...moral, material and psychological corruption.

Each State/government-organized stalking operation against each single target needs a specific formal and written ‘decree’/order, with different institutional signatures, before being implemented from Secret Police officers, and there are periodic revisions for confirming the continuation of each single operation. There are bureaucratic procedures, not mysterious devils selecting targets. They are insane, criminal and corrupted, not mysterious.    

However, there are too many and unmanageable variables to consider for selecting sure targets. The result is that the targets are selected outside whatever scientific approach. In practice, they are selected casually or, even worse, following the stereotypes and idiosyncrasies of insane-criminal, maniacal, Statesmen/women, Secret Police officers and academicians.

If one had elements for dissecting a State/government-organized stalking operation could perhaps realistically conjecture what State/government-organized stalking apparatuses wished to get and what eventually really got from a specific subject. It would be decidedly sterile to try to find a ‘reason’, or, worse, a subject’s guiltiness or sin, justifying one’s selection from insane-criminal, maniacal, Statesmen/women, Secret Police officers and academicians. Pathologies, guiltiness, sins, criminalities, insanities, perversions are all from the side of the State/government-organized stalking apparatuses and their Statesmen/women, Secret Police officers, academicians, militians.    

Webster well dissects and represents the operation of total persecution against him:
“[...] Starting in October 2009 I have been kicked out of three living situations and all three times there was an overriding sense of urgency, as if my staying one or two more days was impossible to imagine. In September 2009 I moved from Seattle, WA to a relative‘s house in the metro-Phoenix area in Arizona. A few weeks later I was told to leave immediately. This occurred shortly after I discovered the statistical anomaly that showed sleep aid use determined aircraft flyover noise levels (Figures 2 and 3). I lived in campgrounds and on Bureau of Land Management property for two months until I found a place to live in Tucson, AZ with a former colleague. Three months later I was asked to leave urgently. This urgent request occurred at the same time I received a sizeable tax return from the IRS. I then moved to Fresno, CA to accept an offer of free housing from a self-proclaimed former targeted individual and experienced sleep deprivation tactics by him. He arranged a housing situation with a friend in Oakhurst, CA. The living conditions were horrible for both sleep and eating. The place wasn‘t heated and the kitchen was so filthy it was dangerous and reminded me of the food restrictions and filthy holding cells used by the police to wear down the accused 100 years ago. I concluded the filthy conditions were intentional after noticing that he would go to the store and buy bags of groceries of my favorite foods and leave them on the floor untouched for weeks, simply rotting away (all documented). I chose to leave about five weeks later and accepted an offer of shelter by another victim located in Akron, OH. The sleep deprivation tactics I experienced there were some of the most severe I‘ve ever experienced. The first or second night after my arrival, and while my housemate was at work, someone bombed the house with a pesticide bomb. My housemate suddenly asked me to leave with two hours notice, after having lived there for about five weeks, for what seemed like vague reasons. Immediately prior to getting this notice to vacate I had announced that I was finally getting settled enough so I could work almost exclusively on this document. I had also contacted the ACLU in Cleveland, OH the week before. I‘m now back in the metro-Phoenix area in Arizona under the constant threat of impending homelessness, supposedly because I continue to work on this article.
“By the time I was done running this loop, the financial boost the tax return had provided was gone and I experienced significant delays while working on this article. I was also exposed repeatedly to sudden homelessness, sleep deprivation tactics, and intense community stalking activities at all locations. This sequence of events is consistent with the pattern of sleep deprivation severity presented in Figure 8A, which portrayed a dramatic increase in severity surrounding the request and disbursement of retirement funds, and my beginning to gather incriminating evidence that led to the creation of this document. It seems reasonable to conclude that my running this loop was intended to deplete my finances and interfere with attempts to complete this document.
“No longer having a permanent address or being able to afford a cell phone, tends to limit communications with the outside world. It also makes it near impossible for attorneys or legal aid organizations to get back in touch with me. Any attempts to communicate with me can be easily thwarted. Any victim viewed as a potential threat is therefore kept in a state of incommunicado, and communications with the outside world are strictly monitored and controlled when possible.
(Webster 2010, p. 48).

For Webster, sleep deprivation seems to be key aspect of State/government-organized stalking. It is actually its weakest activity because usually people can actually sleep even in contexts of noise attacks, if they are in real need of sleep. It is not evidently his case, and he generalizes his personal experience. Although, when really sleepy, certainly also he deeply sleeps whatever noise created around him   

Webster, R. B., Evidence for the Existence of an Invisible Third Degree, 2010.