24 September 2010

Letter from Lhasa, number 200. (Johnson 2006): Nemesis

Letter from Lhasa, number 200. (Johnson 2006): Nemesis
by Roberto Abraham Scaruffi

Johnson, C., Nemesis. The Last Days of the American Republic, Metropolitan Books, Henry Holt and Company, New York, N.Y., U.S.A., 2006.
(Johnson 2006).
Chalmers Johnson  

Chalmers Johnson is a one of those authors, whose volume of information and disinformation combines with the absolute inability to order and to interpret it. There are authors mixing ignorance with absence of analytic skill. In Chalmers Johnson, some para-journalistic abundance of information combines with his absolute absence of analytic skills.

Nemesis represents some impossible achievement and/or punishment. The sub-title is openly deceptive and senseless. “Last days” means nothing. Monsters and monstrosities can live for a long time. Apocalyptic tones are frequently seducing but not really scientific. That the USA be a republic is a high disputable point of view. A President claiming to be the high commander but actually powerless relatively to the militarist bloc, a Congress devolving its powers to such President or Presidency, a lobotomised population, more than half a century of secrecy about the costs of its military, spreading illegality, insane criminals actually leading “government” institutions with insane criminals as their praetorians: is this a Res Publica?!

Chalmers Johnson opens his book with the unlikely theory of the blowback. There is no automatic blowback to imperialisms or barbarianisms. In addition, all these imaginary blowbacks have all the characteristics of inside jobs. Alias, “government”/State’s terrorisms and self-terrorisms are just tools for annihilating already lobotomised populations.

Chalmers Johnson is just a conspiracy theorist believing and diffusing the conspiracy theories built from official propaganda machines. There is no divine punishment. There is no terrorist assault from third world proletariat or sub-proletariat. It is everything built from the imperial centres and their branches. The single and isolated insane or desperate person may always exist and act. Organised actions are not really possible without “government”/State promotion and assistance. That old scholars simulate to believe in tales is not really admissible. Either they are idiots or butchers’ accomplices, or simply desperately fearful self-castrated chaps. What explains “brilliant” academic careers and why they be finally let free to express late and innocuous “doubts”.          

Nobody attacked the USA. As in previous occasion, also from other Presidents, attacks were needed for justifying wars and other State’s crimes and terrorism. When U.S. Presidents believe that attacks are indispensable, they give the order to invent or to create them. There are not blowbacks. There are only inside jobs ordered from institutional centres. And there is naturally, as a complement, a lot of propaganda and brainwashing for idiotic subjects, for the State’s slaves.

The recipe of Chalmers Johnson is the restoration of a never existed Constitutional government by overcoming militarism and imperialism, what is an impossible dream and a tale. Reality does not work in that way. Did a Constitutional government ever exist in the USA? Chalmers Johnson only cultivated the tale of the imaginary golden past.

“The civilization we are in the process of destroying in Iraq is part of our own heritage.” (Johnson 2006, p. 53). What would you have expected from gangs of insane criminals led from a Bush and Cheney? There is anything and anybody better in the USA-British area? Ah, there is Chalmers Johnson who has suddenly discovered that he has been working for his whole life for that insane and criminal machine!  

As Chalmers Johnson concludes in his considerations on Roman history, if one creates a powerful bureaucracy, that powerful bureaucracy will use its power. The solution is never to create a more powerful bureaucracy for controlling another powerful one. Or, this is the solution if one has to govern louses. It is useless to imagine self-conscious citizens where there are only louses with the need to be exploited. The imaginary good CIA of Chalmers Johnson never existed. It is made only of insane and criminal praetorians of insane and criminal presidents and, eventually, vice presidents. Massive torture and kidnapping, after having invented and built the “Islamic” enemies, are not a new practice. They are just continuous recurrences.   

Also Afghanistan, as a lot of other places, was devastated from the U.S. policies and covert operations, already before the Soviet occupation. There, or also there, they financed some of the same people they later used, in some way, for the 11 September 2011, and the same now they claim to fight. If one needs wars, one needs to invent and to create enemies. It is just business. 

The practice of paying association and political parties is the technique of recruiting parallel militias and militians for State’s crimes and terrorism. It is a worldwide practice of the USA and of the British Empire, and also of other [sub-]powers. (Johnson 2006, p. 152) refers about the case of some NGO in same specific context paid from the USA through one of its political parties. Idiotic and insanely criminal louses fighting others’ wars are always buyable and/or manageable.

Absolute and diffuse secrecy is absolutely indispensable for State’ insanities and crimes. On the other side, publicity and information need people wishing them, not just louses brainwashed since the birth. Is Chalmers Johnson sure that people like to have rights and to be informed? Anyway, insane and criminal louse fear publicity. It is a good rule to grant them the maximum of publicity and to remove whatever defence they may built against the publicity of their insanities and crimes.

Parliaments without power are not a novelty. It is only that now it is absolutely evident and public that electors had no power and equally elected representatives be without any real power. Reality unmasked propaganda. However, probably, electors do not really mind. Chalmers Johnson minds. If it is more than 50 years that the US military expenditure is a secret, evidently the US parliament has not even the control on some basic variable of the US budget. If it allowed to be expropriated from any real control on the military expenditure, it was because evidently there was a basic contempt for the electors and their formal representatives. On the other side, the USA are not a free union. They come out from a civil war which defeated those who had affirmed their right to secede. Militarism had its first apotheosis then. It is not a late excrescence. The same Lincoln was controlled from the militarist bloc without controlling it. It finally liquidated him. Lincoln was fearful facing generals, who were evidently uncontrollable. The point is not that a Republic be better than a military dictatorship, although under civilian cover. The US soldiers were and are corrupted. The US politics was and is corrupted. Chalmers Johnson tries to create the myths that there is a solution. Even religion is, in the USA, corrupted and controlled from a corrupted militarist bloc it serves. It is the same in the whole Anglophone area. It is largely the same outside the Anglophone area. Those who try to sell mega-recipes and great solutions are generally liars. Sometimes there are not great solutions and there are not little solutions.      

The absolute isolationist recipe of Chalmers Johnson is outside reality. The USA have built an Empire following insane logics of bureaucratic proliferation and stupidity. They cannot simply dismantle such an Empire now covering the whole world of military bases and armies. Actually, they cannot and may not do anything. The USA have not a domination model. They have a domination practice made of physical occupation of the world by their armies and bases. It is a model largely inefficient and with other very serious pathologies. The USA are dominated by incurable compulsive disorders making them incapable of whatever planning and cure. They can eventually collapse but they cannot simply give up their Empire. Giving up their Empire would lead to the disintegration of the same USA, what would improve the life and the happiness of the US space populations. However, that would be absolutely inconceivable for the insane and criminal chaps of the US militarist bloc, who controls the US politics, institutions and Presidency.

Chalmers Johnson dreams to save what cannot be saved and to restore what never existed.

Johnson, C., Nemesis. The Last Days of the American Republic, Metropolitan Books, Henry Holt and Company, New York, N.Y., U.S.A., 2006.